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  • Handmade board
  • Magnesium color plate
  • Yanmian color plate
  • Foam color plate
  • PU color plate
  • Aluminum honeycomb

      Dongguan Xin Bang purification equipment Ltd. located in China's manufacturing capital - Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional color-coated steel sandwich panels and air purification product research, production, sale, installation of high-tech enterprises ; has a production plant over 8,000 square meters, has a professional engineers, researchers, technicians and many other industry elite, specialized in sandwich panels and air purification equipment production and sales; is a research and development, production, sales, installation and service in one High-tech enterprises, the Chinese Electronics Association Branch member of clean technologies in the industry reputation, by the customer's trust and respected.

        Companies adhere to quality-oriented, the introduction of advanced automated steel sandwich panel production lines, hand-board automatic punching, folding one molding machine, one cross-plank molding machines and other advanced equipment, with modern factories and a number of intelligent production lines, the implementation of the program of pipeline operations, strict quality control segment, at more than 3,000 user terminal project testimony, with strong technical strength, excellent product quality, perfect service, good corporate reputation, to become the best in southern China color steel production one of the manufacturers。

        Xinbang purification mainly the production of magnesium metal surfaces of various glass sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panel, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, paper honeycomb sandwich panels, foam sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, Caigang corrugated board, etc。 (stainless steel, galvanized sheet and color coated, etc。) plywood profiles; steel sandwich panel is a novel construction materials, a beautiful shape, bright color, lightest weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, insulation, easy construction, long life and other characteristics, it sets bearing, insulation, fire, water in one, without having to re-decoration, quick and easy installation, short construction period, comprehensive benefits are widely used in steel plant walls, roof, ceiling, Purification renovation project, the warehouse, the combination of house, roof and floor, wall panels, cold storage, paint room, separate office, indoor acoustic and other industries。

        Xinbang purification company has advanced sheet metal processing center, with multiple sets of presses, shears, bending machines and other production equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and specialized in manufacturing central air conditioning terminal equipment products: wind leaching room, transfer window, clean bench, FFU housing flow hood, clean studio, HEPA and early, middle and high efficiency filters and other purification equipment to meet the needs of users and the market。

        Xin state has always been adhering to the "quality first, technology innovation, pragmatic, honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, with better products and more perfect service return to our customers and the community, Xin state company will be sincere enthusiasm and strong strength and you create a better tomorrow!

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