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    Magnesium mechanism plate sample

      Magnesium color plate having a water-proof, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, sound absorption, shock-proof, pest control, anti-corrosion, non-toxic and tasteless pollution-free characteristics, can be directly on the paint, direct veneers, available gas nail directly on the tile surface a better coloring, high strength, resistance to bending toughness, can be nailed, sawed, stick, easy decoration, etc., can also be made with a variety of Insulation Composite insulation board. The adoption of advanced production technology and strict quality management, products have been the state fire detection and fire detection through the national quality decorative materials.

      Plate material is suitable:

      Upper / lower steel plate: thickness of 0。4 to 1。2 mm, species are color steel, electric / hot galvanized plate, stainless steel plate;

      Core material: Magnesium;

      Product Specifications:

      1, the conventional mechanism plate width: 1150㎜; Thickness: 40 mm - 250 mm; length limitation

      2, a conventional manual plate width: 1180㎜; Thickness: 40 mm - 250 mm; length limitation

      Production of glass magnesium fire board material composition: active high-purity magnesium oxide (MgO), high-quality magnesium chloride (MgCl), alkali fiberglass cloth, plant fibers, non-combustible lightweight perlite, chemically stable lithopone, polymers, High-performance modifiers.

      Bose magnesium fire board performance parameters:

      Apparent density 0.85-1.5t / m3

      Moisture content ≤8%

      Shrinkage rate ≤0.3%

      Swelling rate ≤0。6%

      Screw holding ≥70N / mm

      Anti-reversion halogen none drops, no damp

      Chloride ion content of ≤10%

      Non-combustible fire performance class A1

      Fire resistance of> 2 hours

      Fire resistance of> 4 hours

      The amount of airborne sound insulation of> 42dB

      Flexural strength> 16MPa

      Impact strength> 5。5Kj / m2

      Environmentally safe non-radioactive substances, no asbestos, formaldehyde-free "construction materials radionuclide limited reflex"

      No significant resistance to water permeability wet or the back drop CECS95:

      Alkali look no abnormal CECS95:

      Fuming coefficient 1。8Ca CECS95:

      Thermal conductivity 0.109 average temperature 30 ± 5 ℃ (Kcal / m ° ch) r

      Magnesium color steel superiority:

      Fire Excellence:

      Magnesium color steel have good fire performance, is non-combustible plates, flame continued to burn time is zero, 800 ℃ does not burn, 1200 ℃ no flame, reaching the highest level of fire safety class A1 non-combustible, keel and high quality production of partition system, fire resistance of up to 3 more than an hour, a fire burning process can absorb a lot of heat, delay ambient temperature。


      In the cold, dry and wet weather, glass magnesium fire board performance always stable as one, without condensation of water droplets and humid air influence, even if put in water to soak for several days to dry naturally after removing, does not deform, soften, you can normally use, absolutely back to halogen moisture absorption phenomenon does not occur. After testing, the board body no water permeability.

      Light earthquake:

      Apparent density color plate glass magnesium is 0.8-1.2g / cm3, reducing the load of the building, to make the building more than 60% of the interior to reduce weight, while increasing the use of an area of 5-8%. Lightweight conducive to seismic, effectively reducing the cost base and the main structure.

      Superior strength:

      Bose magnesium fire board, although light weight, but compact structure, good stability, no distortion, with wood-like toughness, the impact resistance, compressive, tensile and breaking excellent performance, both just tough, bending strength reached 322kgf / cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf / cm2 (level), impact strength up to 25MPa.

      Environmental Health:

      Magnesium color plate not containing asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, fire smoke-free, non-toxic, no smell。 Production of materials for the natural mineral powder and plant fiber, the production process of natural conservation, low energy consumption, no sewage matter, energy saving, the use of the board without dusting, its unique natural pore structure, it is possible to adjust the indoor temperature, make room and office more comfortable。

      Energy-saving insulation:

      Magnesium color plate uniform pores, dense, inorganic material properties, the thermal conductivity of 0.216w / cm · k, than the sand-lime brick diced 1.1w / cm · k more insulation, saving energy consumption, to make room to maintain cozy environment, fresh air.


      High-grade plate glass magnesium fire, stable and reliable quality, compared with other magnesium fire sheet glass, there is the ultimate cost-effective, high-energy light, affordable, high performance processing installation, you can paste, cut, nail, drill, paint, planing, handling convenience, superior toughness, not broken, the arbitrary use of self-tapping screws, nails and straight nail guns were lightweight installation, more jobs can be wet and dry hanging.

      Soundproofing tranquility:

      Magnesium color plate superior noise performance, ensure quiet and elegant living room. Light board and thin does not affect insulation performance glass magnesium fire board, 6mm slab insulation capacity of 29dB, double-sided single 9mm glass magnesium fire board keel +75 +50 rockwool acoustic partition system air compartment sound greater than 42dB, which uniform pore structure is another unique structure dense glass magnesium fire board match.


      Unique smooth and rough surfaces of glass magnesium board for customers to provide functional diversity。 Smooth surface can be wallpaper paste, aluminum composite panel, decorative fire board, veneer, PVC, can spray paint or latex paint; rough surface can be affixed tiles, marble, granite, Pihui and paint brush。 Bose magnesium fire board of these materials have excellent affinity for secondary processing in the field, also secondary use, can be bent shape and a diameter of 30cm without loss of physical properties。


      Scientific formula to solve the solve the problem back to halogen moisture absorption of magnesium, the intensity increasing with time, resistant to corrosion, acid-alkali, small changes in thermal expansion and contraction, shrinkage rate ≤0.3%, swelling ratio ≤0.6 %, with resistance to frost resistance of -40 ℃. After a decade of tests, magnesium fire plate glass, durable, anti-aging, long life.

      Pest control mildew:

      Inorganic mineral powder substance constitutes a glassy magnesium fire board mold, bacteria, insects and termite functions in line with European standards National Building Materials mildew.

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