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    Rockwool sandwich in hand-shaped board

    Rock wool color steel sheet:

    Rock wool color steel sandwich panel, also known as rock wool, rock wool sandwich color plate, which is a series of sandwich panels in the most superior fire resistance. The company since 1998 to develop and produce the first successful tongue and groove-type rock wool sandwich panels since the product has been widely used in many fields. In the company of the relevant authorities to market demand as the goal, a lot of market research, a combination of the majority of users feedback, the original product on the basis of constant innovation, improve, improve, develop a number of products, the products are all through recognition of new functional materials, broader use of the field.

    Rock wool color steel materials are suitable:

    1, upper / lower steel plate: thickness of 0。4 to 0。8 mm, species are color steel, electric / hot galvanized plate, stainless steel plate。

    2, the core material :( mine) rockwool bulk density of 120 to 150㎏ / m3

    3, the side strip: 0。5 to 1 mm galvanized sheet (no need for edge strips)


    Rock wool color steel product specifications:

    1, the conventional mechanism plate width: 1150㎜; Thickness: 40 mm - 250 mm; length limitation

    2, a conventional manual plate width: 1180㎜; Thickness: 40 mm - 250 mm; length limitation

    3, the board forms of protection: PVC protective film complex

    Rock wool color steel Features:

    1) stiffness: As two layers of steel wool core and the adhesive as a whole, to work together, along with the upper surface of the pressure wave from the roof type, the overall stiffness of the pressure plate folder is far better than rock wool (glass cotton ) The scene composite sheet。 Sandwich through the connecting members and purlins fixed, greatly improving the overall stiffness of the roof, the roof strengthened overall work performance。 Selection wool sandwich panels, purlin distance can be larger, it can save purlin dosage of 1/3 to 2/3。

    Reasonable 2) engaging way: rockwool roof using snap connections, to avoid leaking roof seams risks, the amount of saving accessories.

    3) fixed firmly reasonable method: rockwool roof using a special self-tapping screws M6 and purlins fixed, can effectively resist typhoons and other external forces。 Self-tapping screws provided at the peak position on the roof surface, and using a special waterproof construction, waterproof to avoid weak points。

    4) installation period is short: rock wool sandwich As the scene without secondary processing, not only to keep the surroundings clean and tidy, does not affect the normal conduct of other processes, and can greatly shorten the installation cycle sheet, rock wool sandwich panel's Day The average installation area of 600 ~ 800m2.

    5) anti-scratch protection: In the production of rock wool sandwich panel, can be attached to the surface of a polyethylene adhesive protective film, in order to avoid transportation and installation process steel surface coating being scratched or worn.

    Rock wool color steel advantages:

    1) Fire performance: raw materials, production processes and formulations used in rock wool sandwich panel, it has a good fire resistance.

    2) good thermal insulation: thermal conductivity of rock wool sandwich panel thermal insulation is rock wool of λ = 0.043W / m2K as the basis for the thickness of rock wool core material obtained corresponding proportion of computing, fire Grade: A Level

    3) noise absorbing effect is remarkable:

    Sound absorption: rock wool sandwich panel also has excellent sound-absorbing effect, it can absorb sound over a wide frequency range. According to ISO354 / 85 standard, rock wool sandwich panel acoustic performance level reached DELTALA = 15.7dB (A).

    Sound Insulation: rock wool sandwich panel passed a significant noise reduction effect, especially for a place designated by the flight。 In addition, the use of rock wool roof, rain, hail on the roof of the building steel interior noise caused by the impact, but also significantly reduced。 Through testing, in accordance with ISO717 / 82 and UNI8270 / 7 standard, the choice of a density of 100kg / m3 rock wool sandwich panel used as the core material, sound insulation effect can be achieved RW = 29 ~ 30dB。


    Sandwich appearance, gorgeous color, the overall effect, it sets bearing, insulation, fire, water in one, and without re-decoration, quick and easy installation, short construction period, comprehensive benefits, and is a versatile, very with the potential of efficient and environmentally friendly building materials, widely used in large industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, activity room, building additional layer, the air clean room ceiling and wall insulation fire and need a place.

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